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31 Jul 8 Ways To Style Festival Glitter

Cheekbone Chic

The simple, the classic, and the most effective. Brush your favourite fine glitter from your temples to your cheeks for a glowy and defined look. For extra pop, bring out your artsy side and add a shaped glitter – stars, spots, hearts, the lot!

Ever So Subtle

Sometimes, less is more. Keeping your glitter look subtle gives it a glamorous and flirtatious edge. The perfect style for the less adventurous, or for those with no time to slather on glitter on a sunny festival morning. Stick to the tiniest dusting of glitter over your favourite features for that fairy-esque shine.

All Eyes On Me

Bold and beautiful. That’s the vibe you get from this undereye look. The perfect way to beautify those tired dark circles and give your peepers that wow factor. Apply a little vaseline or glitter glue and then generously load some thick cut glitter across the under eye area. If you fancy challenge, try your hand at some patterns.

Glitter Roots

The top trend of the festival season, and the perfect way to hide those unwashed roots. Upgrade your hairstyle with a thin dusting of glitter along the hairline, held in place with a little Vaseline. For those terrible at plaiting, forget the braids and apply along your natural parting.

Pucker Up

Sparkle up your best asset with glitter lips. If you want to look like you’re fresh off snogging a fairy, this is the look for you. Either buy a ready-made glitter lipstick or mix your favourite gloss with the glitter of your choice. Just don’t forget to reapply!

Never Too Much

The boring busy-bodies of the world may say there is such a thing as too much glitter. We disagree. Smother the stuff over every inch of open skin until you look like a member of the Cullen family. Life’s too short for too little glitter.

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