What has WePop. been up to during lockdown?

We’re all feeling these incredibly tough new ’emotions’ of the unknown during lockdown. How is everyone coping? What is your new routine like? Check out what WePop. is doing to turn this bad situation into some great, enticing opportunities!

The WePop. team has kept company morale way up by having happy hour zoom calls where each member rotates as the ‘host’ each week. The host gets to choose a game, a theme and a drink of choice. Whether we’re dressed up in our favorite sports kit playing bingo or sprinting through the house on a scavenger hunt in our best fancy lounge attire, no week has been the same with this crew!

Creative Director, Jon, hosted a murder mystery game. (Yes, we are in costume)

So what’s WePop doing outside of buzzing virtual happy hours? Firstly, events aren’t over in our eyes! On the agency side, it’s been fun pivoting our old mindset into the “new normal” by strategically tackling restrictions and crowding challenges to ensure we can properly deliver the best customer experience. Now that shopping centres and high street shops are officially back open, WePop. is dedicated to helping our clients get back on their feet! We’ve came up with a vast amount of socially distant public activations and inspiring installations to positively welcome people back into the public realm (mindfully & safely, of course).

On a commercial basis, WePop. is working diligently to support empty retail units in shopping centres and clusters of restaurants who are looking to re-open. We’re in a unique position where business rates are voided and brands of all types want as much exposure as possible. Promotional space and pop-up shops cannot function responsibly at the moment since we can’t have face-to-face interaction, so placing brands in an empty unit not only benefits the shopping centre costs, but the brands can still remain visibly active in a safe space. To support our hospitality sector, we are building themed alfresco food villages in proximity of the surrounding outdoor spaces, adhering to social distancing procedures and utilising our remote ordering system.

Example of a pergola structure fit out for an alfresco food village

If our ideas are something you’d like to get involved with, please email me at jenna@wepop.co.uk. I’d love to hear how we can help you!