Pre-Corona Excitement

I started my journey with WePop. back in December 2019. Pre-chaos. I had a few months of excitement before COVID-19 wiped out the world of events for 2020. I still believe there are high hopes for Q4!! I was thrilled to be a part of the WePop. team because I knew there would be loads of learning opportunities and a new sector of events I would dabble with.

2019 Wimbledon activation at The Oracle, Reading

I quickly dove head first into leading the agency side of the business by developing strategies, attracting new clients and having a blast coming up with some unique and fun event ideas based off their briefs. Whilst hustling to create proposals, manage budgets, build relationships with suppliers and give that final pitch to the clients, I secured 5 event activations. YES! This all happened whilst planning my own wedding and flying to the United States for my bachelorette party. Sadly, I did have to postpone my April wedding and the pitches We won to 2021…


I was a busy bee for the first couple months of my new gig, but despite all my social distractions outside of work, I was committed and dedicated to my team and my clients. The office laughs and constant “bloopers” were the reason I got out of bed each morning. WePop. works hard to go above and beyond for their clients… so hard they initially funded their own events out of their own pocket. That was a huge USP for me. These two guys, as in the rad Managing Directors, Anthony & Jon, both had a passion for music and socializing, so they created a Summertime Live festival series & an array of pop-up bars that are dotted around England.

2019 Summertime Live at Brighton Racecourse

Now, we are producing all sorts of pop-up activations, live events, and experiential moments whilst adhering to social distancing measures. Check out the next blog post to see how we are turning a bad situation into an opportunity. 2020 is not over!!

2019 Oktoberfest in Reading